Friday, January 21, 2011

Paige Morgan Rose 1-19-11

We were very excited to have our little girl. I will post the Birth story I hope later tonight or tomorrow. But, here are a few pictures of our journey through the day.
I am dressed and ready to get this started!
Wayne was enjoying himself... sometimes it was more then I wanted him too. ;}
My mom was so wonderful to rub my back. I labor in my back so bad! boo
More of my wonderful support team. Wayne and my mom.
Paige Morgan Rose is here... January 19, 2011 1:00pm 6lb 10oz 18.75in long!

After her first bath loving the heat! She looks just like her DADDY!
I just love these little feet!

Parker Loves her so much. He is a very proud BIG Brother!!
My cute mom with her 9th Grandbaby!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Parker 1-2-11

I just love the how cute Parker is. He always lays on his tummy to watch tv like this.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Years Day! 2011

We were so excited to have Matthew and his family come down to play in the snow. It was a very cold day with the wind but the kids did mind. They had a great time being together and playing in the snow.
Wayne, Aurellia, and Parker on the first run of the day!Wayne couldn't wait to go down alone. He was so excited and went really fast!
Parker loved just walking up the hill and rolling down.
This is Connor and Michael going down together.
Aubrey was excited to go but took a little to wanna go. That is her sitting up at the top.
Aurellia and Michael going down. Sariah is walking her tube back up.
Ryder was excited to go too. Here he is getting ready for his first run.
Parker was so funny just rolling down the hill.Wayne bring Parker back up the hill!
Taylor loved it so she wasn't to go down with Parker. Aurellia was excited to go on her own tube.
After they all got down the hill. They are having such a great time.
The kids all playing on the hill!
Parker is now rolling down the big hill.
When Parker got to the bottom of the big hill. Aurellia came down just after he got up and took his feel right out from under him. Poor little guy got a double bloody nose. A huge fat lip. We were so sad for him. After that he was done. We took him over to Wayne's Parents and Wayne and his dad gave him a blessing. He was doing great by the next day. He only had a fat lip for a few days. We were very lucky.
After all the crazy snow and wipe outs. We came back to mine and Wayne's house for Hot Cocoa and taco soup. The kids had a great time being together. Here is the last picture of all the grandkids on the Ramos side before our little Paige gets here. We had to take a few just so we have at least a smile from every kid in one of the pictures.
Left to Right
Sairah, Taylor, Connor, Parker, Michael, Aurellia, Aubrey, and Ryder!

New Years Eve! 12-31-10

It was so nice to have mom and the kids here this week. We loved having them here for New Years too! We played Rock Band, ate lots of yummy food and just had fun being together. Everyone of the kids had a great time playing. Parker loved to do the singing. And he did a great job!
If we had to pick one thing for everyone to be on it would be Aubrey singing. Connor did really good with the drums and Taylor and me on the guitar!! I also had a back up mic for Parker!
Parker was so cute walking around in Taylors boots!

Grandma gave the kids some ice cream right before midnight. They were loving party night!

We had to go up to mine and Wayne's room to see the count down. We don't have cable and it was the only tv we could get a channel with the count down on. It worked out great and we made lots of noise. Then off to bed we all went! It was a really great night!