Monday, June 30, 2008

The Rose Family Reunion

Every year for the Rose Reunion we go to Millsite campground. We have so much fun hanging out with all our family and Playing in the water.

This cute little girl is waynes cousins little girl. Wayne and I just eat her up every year. They have 10 beautiful children and we just love playing with them all!
This picuter of Rouge is so funny to me. We were so excited to bring her. She was really good the whole time and the kids all had fun taking her for walks and spraying her down with water. The Dog was in HEAVEN she loves water!!

These two top pictures are of my Hot Hubby Wayen'o'!!

This is Wendy!

This is Denton! Wendys Husband!

And this is our very cool Tyler!

Wayne and I got a raft!! We had so much fun playing in it. It was really hard to get into without killing myself or the baby but we got it done. I dont' have any pictures of wayne and I in it together but we both got in that little thing. We were laughing SO hard... It was a really fun weekend!!

Look at how big my belly is getting!! Can you believe that I only have 6 Weeks!(and I am camping lol) YEAH!!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

A Day At The Zoo! June 21, 08

This was at the end of the day! My poor feet were so ready to be home. It was a fun long day!

This is me at 32 Weeks!!
My Wonderful CAKE!!

My crazy family that I love!!

It was really nice wayne and I were able to have the shower at our home here in West Jordan!!

On June 7th we had my baby shower! It was so wonderful. I had such a great time! My mom, Danielle and the kids were able to come down for it. It was really nice to have them. I missed everyone that couldn't make it. Thank you to everyone that came and everyone for all the wonderful gifts. We love you so much!! Here are a few pictures of the shower!!

I know I have not posted in a long time but, I was really sick the first few months. I am doing so good now and Parker is growing so much. He is a very busy little guy already, kicking me all over the place but its so fun. I can't wait to be a mom and hold him in my arms. This is me at 30 weeks. 10 more to go YEAH!!