Monday, July 27, 2009

Temple open house! 7-7-09

We were so excited to take all the kids into the temple. They loved it and asked lot's of questions. It was a great family time to learn so much about the temple!

Rose Family Reunion! 7-4-09 Day 2 Happy 4th

Oh my heck! Parker is so dang cute. We had all just woke up and parker was just playing around then tent. I thought how nice I can just lay here and not really have to move. Then Aubrey said ummmm Parker is into the food. I thought oh he is just going to pull it all out and make a mess. No big deal! Boy was I wrong he wanted to eat it and HE DID!!

Everyone so excited for going out on the boat!

Go Daddy GO!! The water was a little cold!!

Rose Family Reunion! 7-3-09 Day 1