Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Kids all so big and Being Silly!

Aubrey, Connor, Taylor, Sariah, Ryder and Aunt Laura! The best thing in the world to me My FAMILY!! I love them all so much! Wayne'o' and Ryder
Aubrey Lee
Michael, Connor and Michaels Friend!
Her shirt says it all!!
Cute, SASSY, and Smart!

Aurellia and Taylor
Love the HAIR!
Smile Boy Ryder!

The best things in Life!!

Connor's BIRTHDAY! July 12, 08

Connor had such a fun bithday! Look at some of the fun gifts he got! He was so excited about everything. It was a Water Party with all his family! Look at how big everyone is getting!! We have three 6 year olds... Aubrey, Connor, and Michael but, Aubrey will be 7 on Aug. 3. Sariah is 3 but, 4 in Oct. Taylor is 2. Aurellia is 1 but, two on the 24th of July. And Little smile boy Ryder is 10 months. It's amazing how fast they grow!

Wayne and I were so happy that they were in Utah so we could see them and take connor out for his birthday. We took Connor out for a birthday lunch. Just the three of us. We had so much fun.

I can't beleave my first little man in my life is 6. Its been so fun to watch him grow into such a fun loving cute boy!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy Red HOT 4th Everyone!!

This Year for the 4th of July we were with Waynes Family! We had a lot of fun Hanging out and eating!

Wayne's Parents Tim and LaWaine!
Waynes mom got glow sticks for everyone so we could find eachother in the dark! lol We all had fun geting all lit up!!
Eric Waynes little brother!
Stacy his little sister!
We went to Murray Park for the fireworks. It was a long walk my feet were dead by the time we got back. But, it was a lot of fun here are a few shots I got!

Andrew and Sheri his big brother and wife!


Today I am 35 Weeks!! 5 more to go... YEAH!!!

I can't believe its only 5 more weeks. Wayne and I have just a few more things left to finish in his room and then we will get some pictures for you all to see. My belly is getting so big I can't wash my own feet anymore. Thank goodness for a nice Husband!! We go to the doc. on Wednesday and I am hoping he will tell me that I can go any day. Wishful thinking I know!!

Getting Ready for Parker Wayne!!

Today Wayne and I had a little bit of time so we put Parkers stroller and car seat together. Its so exciting geting ready for him to come!!