Tuesday, December 30, 2008


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ROLL Monster ROLL!!

We are so excited that our little man is Rolling. He is so fun to watch grow. He is now rolling all over the place and he is geting food we will be starting some veggies tonight so I will post pictures of that which I know will be so dang cute, fun, and messy!

Cute little ones! Parker, Payton, and Jordan!

Our Big Eating little Monster!

My Bread Maker!

I got a bread maker for christmas and this is my first loaf that I made it was so good. We will be making lots more!

SNOW SNOW SNOW! 12-26-08

Parker's First Christmas!!!

We had the best day ever. I told everyone that we were not getting up until Parker woke up and got some food. They were all telling me oh yes we are and I would tell them no. Well no worrys Parker woke us all up at 6 so he was ready for all those fun gifts. He was so cute to watch. He would help open everything and he would see what it was and want it so I had to open almost all of them so he could play with it. It was a really fun Christmas.