Wednesday, February 2, 2011

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More family! 1/20/11

Family came to meet Paige! 1/19/11

The Birth Story!

Ok I know that I have been really bad about posting but, life is really busy these days. Between the kids, house and school. I don't have time for much else. I also don't have much of a birth story so that is kinda why I have been putting it off. Here is the story...

I set up a date and time with my doctor to be indused. So on January 19, 2011 at 6:30 am. I went to the hospital to have my sweet baby girl. I have to say the night before we had a girls party with My mom, Rhonda, Jessa, and my sister inlaw SaundraJo. We ate lot's of yummy food and watch the Twlight movies. It was so fun. So by the time I went to bed and got to sleep it was 3:30am. Then I got up at 5am to get ready. Which is funny cause I never get ready but when I go to have a baby I try to look good. lol Anyway, I got to the hospital and had to wait in line(crazy I know) to get signed in. By the time I got to my room and all set up it was only a little after 7am. My doctor came in at 7:30 and broke my water and stated the pit. He told them they could up the pit every 30min. After about an hour or two it was really going. Every 3 min I was contracting. And they were HARD. With Parker my water broke on its own and I never needed the pit. So to be on pit makes it REALLY HARD contractions. They were again in my back like Parker which I didn't like at all. I worked through them with lots of help from my mom rubbing my back. (Wayne helped a little when I was yelling for him to! Poor guy) At around 11:30 They checked me and there wasn't much change I was too tight when I would contract I couldn't relax my body so I could dilate. So after much debate I cried for the epidural. After I asked for it they said he was helping someone else and I had to wait 5 min. Now you see once I asked for it I was ready to be out of pain so to wait 5 mins was not something I wanted to do at all. After like 3 min someone asked what they could do to help me and I yelled get that guy in here to help me. Funny thing the nurse had just walked in and heard me and went right back out to find him. I didn't mean for her to hear but I was still really glad too. Well, he came in and got me all set up and made me so happy. It was amazing. I felt so good. I was so nice to everyone after that it was funny. After all that they checked me and I was only a 6 now this was around 12:30 and then she started to finish asking me questions we never got done. While we were talking I was like its not working I am still feeling a lot of pressure. So 11 min after she had just checked me she checked me again and I was a 10. We were all in shock and everyone started to get really excited. Its funny how fast it all changes. Well with me being a ten I wanted to push so bad because of the pressure. But, she told me I had to wait for my doctor. It felt like a year. Then after he got there they were trying to get me all set up and the doctor was ready for me to push. But, we were having a little trouble with my bed. It was like falling forward. Everyone was trying to fix it and then the doctor thought we were good so he was ready for me to push. He told me to hold my breath and push and right when I was getting ready to my bed fell back and I just started cracking up. It was so funny. Then we sat me up and got everything ready and we were finaly ready to push and have this baby. We had to now wait for a contraction. I was all ready everyone was there watching and nothing. It was only like 30 sec but it felt like 30 min I was sitting waiting to push again. I had to kinda crack up about that too. Then it was time. I pushed and out she came. It was crazy that I only had to push once. She was so tiny. I could not get over how tiny she was. My doctor was so funny about it too. My mom and me keep saying she is so tiny and he would tell me she is just fine. She is a great size. I think he was thinking we thought there was something wrong with her but that was not it. We just don't make small babies. Parker was 8lb 13oz. So to have a 6lb 10oz was a shock. So there is my happy story. It was nice and quick. I have healed great and really don't feel like I even had a baby. But Paige is here. Her stats again our Born January 19, 2011 at 1:00pm 6lb 10oz 18 3/4in long.