Thursday, August 19, 2010

Parker!! 8/18/10

Parker didn't have a nap so when we sat down to watch a show as a family. He went right to sleep!! So cute!!

Walking in Daddys Shoes! 8/14/10

Parker's PARTY!! 8/13/10

Happy 2nd Birthday Parker!!

Mommy I am 2!!

Parker had a very fun day. I took the day off and had all the family come and go swimming at our pool. He LOVES the Water and had a great time. Then I made his favorite Pizza!! We gave him his gifts from us and had a little ice cream. Parker is my little man he loves ice cream just like his mama!! I can't believe my baby is 2!!

Parker's 2nd Birthday Pictures!! 8/10/10

Toy story 3!! 8/7/10

Wayne and I took Parker to see Toy story 3!! It was one of his birthday gifts. I didn't see much of the movie. I was to busy watching Parker be so big and sit in his own seat. He sat next to another little boy and they talked and laughed!! They just had a great time!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Parker and his doggie!!

Parker 7-29-10

Parker thought he was really cute when he took all the clothes (that I just spent the last 30 min folding) and made them fly off the bed. I didn't think it was so cute. But, I had to take pictures of his cute face.