Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Happenings in June 2011!!

A Day out at the South Jordan Fair! Parker loved the pony ride!

Parker and Spencer could stay on the boats all day if we let them!!

Waiting for the fireworks to start!

We took the tracks trains down town Salt Lake City for a Mercy River Concert!

Parker loves to Ride Trains!

We got to walk around the Beautiful Temple!

Parker being a ham for pictures!

Mercy River!!

YES YES the little boy in the orange is my son!!

We have changed a little over the years! Families are FOREVER!

Having fun around the house!

Movie in the Park!

A Day out at the PARK!!

Paige is getting her first tooth! OH the Pain!! poor girl! Thank goodness for the DrUgS!! :)

It's ok Paige it wont last forever.

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